Broken A/C Latch Image

Broken Grille Latch?

To solve this problem, Air-Care has created a simple solution to solving that broken grille latch.

A/C Latch can easily be attached to your grille restoring the ability to open and close with ease.

Air-Care A/C Latch ReplacementsA/C Latch


Step 1 A/C Latch Installation

Step 1

Find the vent grilles you need to repair.

Step 2 A/C Latch Installation

Step 2

Remove vent and located the positions of the grille holes to be drilled.

The holes can be outside the old vent latch holes, or on the inside. 

Step 3 A/C Latch Installation

Step 3

Use a marker and one of the magnets to make a hole guide.

Step 4 A/C Latch Installation

 Step 4

Mark other side of the vent.

Step 5 A/C Latch Installation

  Step 5

Drill 2 holes with a 3/16" drill bit.

Step 5 A/C Latch Installation

  Step 6

Place the bolts through the holes and screw on the knobs.

Step 5 A/C Latch Installation

  Step 7

Replace the vent(s). 


To prevent SERIOUS INJURY and/or DEATH: 1. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Swallowed magnets may connect internally causing digestive obstructions, holes, and/or death. 2. People with pacemakers should consult their physician(s) before use. Electromagnetic fields in close proximity to heart pacemaker could cause pacemaker interference or failure.

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